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Answers - Digital DriveStyle App

What exactly is the Digital DriveStyle App? The Digital Drive Style App is an app for the iPhone® 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5 and 4s/4. It allows access to key functionalities of the smartphone in a new Mercedes-Benz look & feel with an innovative user experience.

How do I get the Digital DriveStyle App on my iPhone®? The Digital DriveStyle App is available from the iTunes® App Store℠.

How much does the Digital DriveStyle App cost? The Digital DriveStyle App is available free of charge from the iTunes® App Store℠.

What is Glympse™? Glympse™ allows you to share your current location with others for a specified period of time. Mercedes-Benz brings the smartphone app Glympse™ to your vehicle as part of the "Digital DriveStyle App", allowing Glympse™ to be used while on the move.

What is AUPEO!™ Personal Radio? AUPEO!™ Personal Radio is a free online music service, which offers every listener an individual audio stream. The radio can be launched by selecting an artist (from ABBA to Zappa), a genre (Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, …) or a musical theme (80s Best, Grand Piano, HipHop Essentials, …) and then personalised to suit your tastes. This means that every listener can listen to unlimited music from the AUPEO!™ database and stumble across new songs and artists in the process.

How does CarFinder work? The intuitive CarFinder automatically saves your vehicle's location when you undock your phone. You can see your vehicle's position on the integral map in the iPhone® and use the iPhone®'s integral pedestrian navigation to find your way back to it.

How exactly do I enter and post comments? The system is supplied with a list of default comments which you can select and post during your journey. Customers can edit and add to this list either using the controller while the vehicle is stationary or by inputting them into the iPhone® (off-board). For safety reasons, the number of comments is restricted to 12.

Is there a character limit on comments? Comments are limited to 140 characters (Twitter® restrictions).

Which countries does the navigation cover? Europe: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican. North America: USA, Canada.

How do I download the map material? Before the navigation function can be used, the required map material must be downloaded. This download takes place in the App itself (hand-held mode). It is advisable to load the map material in a WLAN network.

Is it possible to change the red display colour of the Digital DriveStyle App? No. At present no other colour settings are available.

Answers - Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®

What is the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®? The Drive Kit Plus allows you to connect your iPhone® 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4 on board. The Drive Kit Plus control unit allows the Digital DriveStyle App to be integrated seamlessly into the vehicle's control and display concept. Initially the Drive Kit Plus will be available as an accessory. From the beginning of 2013 it will also be available as an optional extra for the A-Class (W176).

Where can I get the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®? The Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone® is available from your Mercedes-Benz partner, who will also install it.

Does the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone® work in every Mercedes? See Availability.

Why isn't the iPhone® connected wirelessly via WLAN or Bluetooth®? The iPhone®'s digital image interface is directly connected to the vehicle display. Mercedes-Benz is the first car manufacturer to offer the possibility of using the iPhone®'s full processing power and graphic performance. The iPhone® is also recharged via the connection.


Which iPhone® generations does the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone® work with? The kit's full functionality is tailored to the iPhone® 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5 and 4s/4. Older iPhones® (e.g. 3GS) cannot be used as they do not offer the same form of digital image transmission.

Can I connect more than one iPhone® via the same interface with the "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®"? Yes, several iPhone® 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5 and 4s/4 users can use the same system – in turn – by simply inserting their phone.

Safety, coverage and connectivity

Can I use the App in areas where network coverage is poor or non-existent? Yes, the maps are saved on the iPhone®. Even without a data connection the integral national POI database can be searched for local sights. Other functions of the App, for example Facebook® or AUPEO!™, require data connectivity.

My contract does not include unrestricted data downloads. Will charges apply for using the Digital DriveStyle App? Depending on your mobile contract, data charges may apply. The following functions of the Digital DriveStyle App use your iPhone®'s data connection:

Please check your mobile contract with regard to data usage.

Are all services fully available while on the move? The Digital DriveStyle App was developed with road safety in mind and is designed to avoid distracting you during your journey. The following functions can only be used while stationary:

What happens if I don't have a network connection? If there is no network connection, a pop-up message will let you know.

What happens if I input an address or select a point on the map that isn't covered by my map material? If the relevant map material is not available, a pop-up will appear, indicating that the address has not been found on the map.

What happens if the geocoding doesn't work? If an address is ambiguous or incomplete, a pop-up will appear, indicating that insufficient address data has been provided.

Will my iPhone®'s battery be charged while it is connected on board? The iPhone®'s battery will be charged while the phone is connected in the glove compartment. The charging function may not be sufficient for very intensive use.